Frequently Asked Questions

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Saber Questions

All installed profile sabers come with at least 20 fonts which cover all the characters and all the blade styles, whoever if you want to add your own fonts please note that it if any damage occurs it will not be covered under warranty, we can still help as best we can but it may incur a cost.

If you want to add more fonts and change the configs, here are some links to get you started: 

The Verso soundboard is a great entry level saber and is easily upgradable and configurable, below is a tutorial which should show you the basics to get you started. 


Open source soundboard capable of smooth swing fonts to give you the complete experience, it has fully customizable blades using online editors and can have any effect you want to have on a blade, it has to be programmed by Arduino which makes it more difficult to add fonts and blade styles but once you get the hang of it the possibilities are endless. Its also easier to use compared to CFX as it has a basic 2 button activation and aux but can also have full one button support without compromise.


Closed soundboard capable of smooth swing but is fully user upgradable through the SD card, though it can be difficult to get everything up and running as there are many settings to configure, the interface on the saber has more of as learning curve than proffie as you need to go into font select menus and music payer menus to be able to navigate the saber.


Entry level closed soundboard capable of smooth swing and basic blade profiles, fully user configurable and probably the easiest out of the bunch to get up and running, has 2 and 1 button support foe basic functions. It has new features coming that the user can upgrade via the SD card which makes this a perfect entry level saber.


Korbanth, LLC Limited Warranties for our installed Saber product

Thank you very much for your purchase of our installed saber. We want you to enjoy this with the
understanding that these are rather expensive items and more of a collectible and less of a toy;
exhibiting extreme care while in use will bring you years of enjoyment. We do guarantee that each
installed saber product has been tested by 3 members of our team before you receive it, and if it is
not functioning the way it should upon arrival, please reach out to us so we can fix the issue.

Korbanth LLC, limited warranty is for 90 days upon receipt (exception blades see below). Since this
is a delicate electronic product, the saber owner can cause things to render it “broken”. Some causes
fall under our free repair category and some causes will require a cost to repair. The following
descriptions should help to understand the dos and don’ts.

1. Neo pixel Blades – our blades are not for dueling, and not for striking with force on other saber
blades or objects. Inside the tube is a string of breakable led lights, and if one goes out due to a hard
hit, we cannot repair them, you can only purchase another blade for $85-$115. It is your
responsibility to reach out to us within 10 days if the blade arrives in non-working condition so we
can replace it. After the 10 days, all blades are non-refundable, or replaceable, since we cannot
determine how they are treated while in your possession please follow our recommendations above.

2. The Saber – Tampering with any of the internals, such as taking the saber apart, or trying to
pull the chassis out, will void the warranty. A voided Warranty does not mean we will not help you it
merely means there may be a cost involved for any repairs needed.
We install many fonts for your enjoyment, and yes, you are welcome to obtain more and add
yourself, or remove any of the current fonts, BUT PLEASE NOTE: any alteration of the
programming voids your warranty. Even though most sound boards we are using are open sourced
and changeable, the programming is for experienced installers.

We hope you enjoy your Korbanth Saber if you have any questions about our warranty or unsure of
any changes you are thinking of making please email us:

May The Force Be With You