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BoB Bounty hunter costume -

BoB BF wearable adult costume - when you purchase this - what you get is the following: Painted BF armor set, including knee armor - Flexible Fiberglass material with very...

X - Bounty Hunter 12 Piece Armor Set

BF Bounty Hunter Armor set -  Now in stock and ready to send... 12 piece armor set - 4 piece chest, collar, shoulder bells, back, cod, Kidney belt, and pair...

Dark Lord New Hope Belt with light up metal boxes (Portumac) (METAL)

Products made by Portumac Studios who makes the best dark lord costuming gear in the 501st costuming club.   These are suitable for your ANH or OWK show costume. You get...

Bounty Hunter Cape - ROTJ

Bounty Hunter Cape ROTJ - by Kelly Jo Boyd Bounty Hunter Side Cape – ROTJ - Olive Green Authentic US Army Shelter Half. Grommet in place to hang from left...

Space Pilot Flightsuit, Gloves, Boots and Belt

Space Pilot Flightsuit - From M to Large to XL - with insignia stitched to the side, leather gloves, costume boots and leather belt with metal buckle. Note - Helmet,...

ESB/ROTJ Bounty Hunter Arm Gauntlets

Bounty Hunter Arm Gauntlets - choose between ESB Green or ROTJ Red - made in strong vacuformed plastic, held onto your wrists by velcro, and perfect addition to your Bounty...

X - BoB BF repainted clean jetpack wearable

 Nov 24th update - in stock for immediate sending -  BoB - BF repainted "clean" fiberglass wearable costume jetpack - comes with straps, removable thrusters and rocket, weighs 4-5 lbs,...
$500.00 $250.00

Dark Lord Leather Belt w/ Lightup Boxes/Buckle (Portumac) (METAL)

UPDATE - Sept30 - products now available to send out Products made by Portumac Studios - they make probably the best quality Dark lord costuming items you can find, for...
$620.00 $349.00

Dark Lord Chest Box - ESB or ROTJ (Portumac)

Jan 16th update - we are waiting for more chestboxes to be made and sent to us from Portumac Studios Products made by Portumac Studios who makes the best dark...

Dark Lord Shin Armor

Update Jan 16th - we have in now, 1 pair of shins unpainted, and we do not have a good paint booth or professional painter, so if you can paint this last...

Darklord ANH Chestbox with leather straps (Portumac)

Products made by Portumac Studios - possibly the best dark lord costuming gear you can get today for your 501st costuming needs.  Metal side rods and nice thick leather straps...

X - BoB BF Bounty Hunter Arm Gauntlets clean repainted

 BoB BF clean repainted Red arm gauntlets durable fiberglass, nicely painted, flexible fit, perfect for the BOB BF costume your making - these are in stock ready to send.  

Classic ESB or ROTJ Jetpack fiberglass wearable for costume

Nov 24th update - ESB or BoB green packs in stock ready to send, we are currently 4-6 weeks out for ROTJ versions.  Fiberglass jetpack perfect for your ESB or...
$500.00 $250.00