Dark Lord Chest Box - ESB or ROTJ (Portumac)

Sale price$299.00


Nov 24th update - out of stock until January 2023

Products made by Portumac Studios who makes the best dark lord costuming gear in the 501st costuming club.

ESB / ROTJ Dark Lord electronic working chest box - leather straps, 3 red coin slots will blink "movie sequence" correctly, Red/Blue squares do not illuminate so it is 501st ACCURATE. 

note - some will offer a 3D printed version with non metal side rods and lower quality leather straps for a lower price which there is nothing wrong with that, but these chestboxes are the next level of quality higher with injection molded box, aluminum metal side rods and thick durable leather strapping    If your on a budget, you can find one for less, but for those who want the best these are the ones 


please allow 3 weeks before item sends out after ordering as these products are made once purchased 





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