Empty MPP2.5 Saber (now in stock)

Sale price$249.00


Update - Oct 27 - now in stock and RTS

New saber hilt - MPP 2.5 empty saber -    The empty hilt can be installed with ALL electronics on the markets - Nbv4, Prizm, CF, Proffie, N-Pixel, Tricree, and listed below are the features of the product and how it differs from the previous 2.0 version


MPP 2.5 now has

sets of grips, - ANH, ESB (2 movie versions)

white, red, blue, Brown plastic "wires" for the side for ESB accuracy

No sound holes in Pommel for better accuracy - sound comes from discreet sound slits you can barely see

2 working buttons (perfect for N-Pixel / Proffie or CFX)

easier and more roomier for installs, and just feels better in the hands

Free USA postage / $55.00 DHL postage for International

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