Empty SK Rogue Apprentice V3 saber hilt

Sale price$399.00


UPDATE - Dec.8th - we have plenty of clean SK v3 on the shelf that can be guaranteed to send out by the shipping deadline.  If you select weathered hilt, we can try hard to get it out, but we cant guarantee it will be ready by shipping deadline.

The SK Rogue Apprentice Korbanth exclusive hilt will return in a third version of limited excellence.  This is fully installable with a 1 inch blade, goth crystal chassis, for 2 light up force-crystals.  a few updates to its design from former versions -

changes from V1 to V2 to V3 - optional middle piece to go around skinny middle section, and 2 sets of 4 rods, (copper rods, silver rods included) - and slightly longer back end, and cleaner fins.

You can purchase as clean, or you can add on the weathering option  (see image below, showing example of a weathered version) 

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