MPP Basic 2.0 Dark Lord Empty Installable Saber

Sale price$195.00


Nov 24th update - in stock

The MPP Basic 2.0 - this is a empty MPP replica with a 1 button only, it comes with ANH or ESB peel and stick grips,   We found 10 cases of these in our warehouse from 2017 - they are nice good especially for the prices, a perfect display saber hilt, and they can be installed as a 1 button N-pixel installed hilt accepting a 7/8 inch N-Pixel blade -

these are in stock for immediate sending, but they do not have a fancy Korbanth Box, so this is the "Basic" MPP (Micro Precision Products) Vintage Flash handle replica with a blade holder -  display it, or install it - chassis's available on 

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