Empty Crimson Menace 2 bladed saber hilt -


Empty Saber

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UPDATE - the signed versions are sold out - so if you purchase this now, it is still the same saber you will get but no signed plaque or photos are left.

Jan 28th - 2021 - Special offering of the double ended Dark Lord,  Crimson Menace saber hilt made specifically for Korbanth Sabers - can be installed with 7/8 inch Neo pixel blades x2 - can take proffie, CFX or Verso boards - 

The empties will arrive in 6 weeks, and the installed versions around Early May -  



Empty Sabers:

Empty sabers will ship as soon as they come into stock, they will be shipped based on date ordered.

If the sabers need to be painted or weathered there will be a slight delay as that gets done.

Installed Sabers:

Please allow 8-12 weeks for all installed sabers from the time we get them in stock, we will endeavor to get them out as fast as we can but if 2020 showed us anything its that expect the unexpected.

If you purchase a empty saber then the neo upgrade it will still be held to the same 8-12 weeks as it still goes on order date.


If the model you are after is out of stock please contact korbanth47@gmail.com.