AHS-CW Installed Saber - Set Of 2 Hilts (august preorder)


This is a preorder - we only have 15 sets of this exclusive installed 2 saber set - We have teamed up with Solos Hold to bring you the most accurate sabers from TCW from the coolest character around - now you can own her pair of sabers and with our collaboration we can now offer these for less than previous runs, to make them more affordable and attainable for more saber buyers.  These will arrive in a short 3 months so early August, and are being machined inside the USA so no long importing and issue to contend with.  

Saber model AHS-CW  (2 saber set)  rogue apprentice and snips

These will come with:

2 neo pixel blades

Proffie soundboards

Custom smoothswing fonts

More details will be coming soon for these sabers so stay tuned.   If you want fully installed and ready to enjoy pair of of AHS-CW sabers, then this is the one you want. only 15 installed sets will be made.   This product will be fulfilled in late August as we will get them in early August - preorders

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