SK Rogue Apprentice Saber Neo Pixel Installed


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The saber hilts are in stock, but have a 4-6 week wait on installed versions, so you can order, but please accept a 4-6 week wait before it can send as we clear our past orders and get your order completed.   We promise its worth the wait, you will not be disappointed.

From a very popular video game, this SK hilt is now available for purchase.  (Galen Marek/Starkiller) was a character who was conflicted while he did his dark lords bidding, and ultimately choose the light side over his fight.  Now you can own his saber hilt, and put into your collection.  

Features include - 1 inch blade capable, can use NBv4, CF, Prizm, Proffie, Neo Pixel technology and large sized speakers. over 1 inch room in back end to hold electronics.   These empty hilts come standard as CLEAN, but you can select the weathered option if you prefer them to look more accurate.  The Installed versions will come weathered already, but you can still request a clean installed saber if you wish it.  We have 75 units for this run... and unlike other versions out there that cost more, we found a way to provide these unique hilts for an affordable price...   Postage is $25 USA or $65 international

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