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R5 Dome - fits Astromech club specs - only 1 left on the shelf

June 3 - We found 1 left on the shelf, it is a unpainted, finished R5-D4 dome complete with the bad motivator parts.  Can be easily painted...or we can paint it...

BSG Colonial Viper Model Kit (original series) - 1 on the shelf ready to send

Oct 15th update - we have 1 model of this on the shelf ready for immediate sending This gorgeous 1/8 scale mega model of the Colonial Viper from the Battlestar...
$1,100.00 $649.00

K2 Security Robot upper bust with lit eyes and stand

May 15 - UPDATE - WE HAVE 3 IN STOCK for immediate sending This full sized 1:1 scale upper bust of this Security robot is a fan favorite, with light...

Assembled/painted R.Mcquarrie 1/24 scale X Fighter model on stand

This is the R.Mcquarrie Concept star fighter model X - it is 1:24 scale - which is studio scale size like its on screen cousin, a perfect model, build, painted...

Imp Shuttle Tyd. Assembled/painted with lights on a stand

For those who really want a Imp.Shuttle already painted and lit up with lights, assembled on a stand ready to display in 1:48 scale, this model is RTS  - Ready...