R5 Dome - fits Astromech club specs - DISCONTINUED

Sale price$360.00



Nov 7 update - we are no longer producing this builders club spec R5 dome, but if your interested in purchasing the molds - reach out to korbanth47@gmail.com - and we can transfere over to you the rights to continue production on these.


here is an R5 fiberglass robot dome head, with the resin greeblies, will fit any of the R2 builders club / Astromech club sized body - Please specify which you want after you make the purchase

postage is $35 due to the oversized box needed and weight shipping inside USA - international is $175 

postage will be invoiced AFTER you purchase the product.   please allow 2-3 weeks delivery once order is placed

NOTE - dome will come unpainted, and parts loose - if you want it painted, assembled and ready to use/display...inquire at korbanth47@gmail.com on the costs for that

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