Desert Wanderer N-Pixel Installed Saber

Chassis Version: ECO Chassis
Weathering: No Weathering
Sale price$725.00


Update Nov22  - we just got in our last wave of this product and added up more for preorder - more installed Desert Wanderer -  please allow at least 4+ weeks from the time you order to the time we have it ready to send out.


Your purchasing an Installed N-Pixel saber hilt - with 3 chassis choices

The Desert Wanderer is the ultimate in OWK saber hilt, that resembles a certain hidden hermit from a recent TV show - taking qualities from his ROTS hilt and the ANH hilt - this is not just a OWK4 or OBI3 re-make, it is a completely new saber - and this is the most accurate one you can get, it has great weight to it, and comes with both a display emitter and the blade holding emitter for AWESOME stability - and comes with a solid and vented pommel cap - so this is perfect for displaying, wearing on your belt.

You can purchase 1 of 2 ways - Clean so you can do your own weathering, or already weathered, to look exactly like it was seen.   You also have 2 chassis choices - 

1 - ECO chassis - normal removable slide in chassis - very nice working saber -  will send out as quickly as they can be boxed - please allow 4+ weeks time frame from when you order to when it sends out.

2 - ECO-CC chassis - please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery, this is the crystal reveal, slip in chassis with the light up crystal, PLA printed chassis, for those who like to see a light up crystal.   - Wait time is 4-6 weeks

Listed below is a video - a recent reviewer if you want to see what your getting first 

Free USA postage for sabers not containing the long blade / $25 for installed product (with a blade) due to recent postage increases on long box sizes.

$55.00 international postage on orders with no blade / $80.00 (with the blade)  due to recent postal price increases.

Restock Fees - ranging from 5% to 10% of the total cost when you cancel an order or you need to send a product back for a refund.  Please read the details when checking out carefully, and before you can confirm your purchase, it will require you to check a box to acknowledge that you understand cancellation/restock fees. Korbanth LLC, incurs non-reversible fees for being able to take your order so if you change your mind and need to cancel the transaction, Korbanth Sabers does not get these fees back. Please make sure you want the product before committing to the purchase.



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