A - Empty DM1 Double Ended Saber (CLEARANCE PRICING)


Painted Lines:

CLEARANCE - this model of saber is reduced in price to clear out the few remaining stock to make room for newer product arriving next month - PERFECT product just being reduced to clearance pricing to move last few remaining units - Good opportunity to get great deals


Double sided Saber hilt – model DM1 (2017 version) – This cool double ended saber comes apart in the middle and both sides can be installed with electronics, sound boards and a 7/8 inch removable light up blade. You get pommel caps so you can make 2 individual sabers (both self contained) or 1 double ended saber hilt.

Note - this saber will arrive clean and unweathered and lines unpainted with a standard coupler to hold the two halves together. You can purchase the $15 optional lines painted in, as you see in the photo showing the finished results.

You can also add the optional $25 vented coupler to your order.  The vented coupler allows easy seperation of the two halves and provides vented sound holes if you plan to add saber electronics.

Saber will arrive as standard default chromed.  You can pull down menu and add lines painted for $15 optionally

No electronics, or sound boards and removable plastic tube-blades are included, but these sabers are fully install-able - the photo showing it lit, is for example


Double Body Length – 20.5” (rounded Up To Nearest .25”).

Blade Chamber I.D. – .88.” 

Electronics Chamber I.D. – .88.”

Working Momentary Switches – (Qty 8 / Located under each silver & red button).

Reveal Feature – No.

Single to Double Conversion – Yes / 2 Pommel end-caps included.

Materials Used – Aluminum, Brass, Stainless & Mild Steel, Zinc, Polycarbonate, ABS.Doubled sided DM1 Saber hilt – use as double sided or break apart for two self contained sabers with pommel caps. 2017 version now will come with 8 working buttons

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