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Graflex 2.5 - saber handle - Machined Nickel plated brass Graflex Vintage-looking camera flash handle-Saber handle - You can install all the current electronics, and sound boards and 7/8 inch blades into this - Whats new in the Graflex 2.5? cleaner outer surface for a better brushed aluminum look, crisp looking clamp surface, and now comes in ANH, ESB, TFA or TLJ version - with the bolts in the grips. The inside of the saber is simplified to better hold your electronics and sound boards, than previous version of 2.0 - This is the next evolution or step up from the already popular Graflex 2.0 saber handle.

Electronics, sound boards and removable plastic blade tubes are not included, they are shown so you can see how these saber handles look when lit up. contact us for information on how you can either purchase an installed saber hilt or how to purchase the electronics to do it yourself.

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