A - Empty Graflex 3.0 Reveal saber (PRICE REDUCTION) $199 CLEARANCE

SKU: graf3
$475.00 $199.00

CLEARANCE - The Graflex 3.0 REVEAL saber is now discontinued - 

Graflex 3.0 REVEAL - a full sized GRAFLEX saber handle with a removable working light up crystal reveal chassis that will light up and blink and will be able to change between Blue, Green and Red glowing crystal. This is a complete Graflex handle with an full length insert that slides in from the back. Magnetic side doors will come of so you can see the inner workings. A perfect display piece for the collector who loves something different.  YOU can not add normal light up electronics, or sound boards or a removable blade, this saber is purely a display piece that comes apart to show how this would look inside.  If you want to get a Graflex that you can add normal light up electronics, sound and removable light up blade, see out the Graflex Supreme saber hilt .

Stand or plaque not included.  This is a "ASSEMBLE yourself saber kit" - the photo showing all the pieces is how it arrives, but it takes about 1 hour to assemble, and comes with color instructions. Use your Jed-eye skills and assemble your own saber and your skills will be complete.

We do sell metal stands for $19 you can add on to your purchase

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