Empty MW2 Hilt - BMF version - (now in stock)


This is the new EP2 MW2 empty saber hilt Chrome and gold plated, with skin like backing and rubber grips.  Takes a 7/8 inch blade and is fully installable with most all of todays electronics, including Proffie and Neo Pixel as well as TriCree and NBV4, Crystal Focus and Prizm sound boards.

FREE USA postage

This item is now in stock, in a very limited release of 40 peices.  If you'd rather wait 2-3 weeks, when Goth3d creates our Chassis, we will be offering Neo Pixel / Proffie installed versions on this site.  We are not going to offer the installed ones until we have a installed solution ready to go.

This is for a empty complete saber hilt - no blade or electronics are included, the photo showing the lit saber is for example only.



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