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From a very popular video game, this SK hilt is now available for purchase.  (Galen Marek/Starkiller) was a character who was conflicted while he did his dark lords bidding, and ultimately choose the light side over his fight.  Now you can own his saber hilt, and put into your collection.  These now in, and being sorted and boxed up and will send out within a few days of purchase.  

Features include - 1 inch blade capable, can use NBv4, CF, Prizm, Proffie, Neo Pixel technology and large sized speakers. over 1 inch room in back end to hold electronics.  Our partner Goth3D will have chassis available within weeks of its release for those who want to do their own installing of light up blade.   These empty hilts come standard as CLEAN, but you can select the weathered option if you prefere them to look more accurate.  We have 75 units for this run... and unlike other versions out there that cost alot, we found a way to provide these unique hilts for an affordable price...  

Note - crystal gem is included, but the empty hilts do not contain electronics source to illuminate the crystal as you see in the photos, but for example sake, I added a back source light inside to show how it can look if you added your own electronics


INSTALLED VERSION - We will be offering an installed version - the reason that were not adding them here is because we would like to first get the correct chassis for them, and do an install so make sure it goes well, before offering.  The price for a weathered installed NEO pixel Starkiller SK hilt is $799 -  (6-8 week build time, but possibly sooner) - so if you want installed, just put into the notes section, so we can hold your empty and not send it and we can invoice you seperately for the build cost.  The builds will be weathered hilt with neo pixel/proffie combination and Neo blades included.

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