2019 Block Runner 41 Inch Long Model Kit

SKU: BR2019

41 inch long Blockade Runner  (194 Pieces) model kit - now in stock. This mega monster model was patterned by world famous Chris Kelly and now re-invented and refurbished by the Korbanth model team.

You get all the parts you need to build this model for your own delighted displaying. You can build a stand into it, you can add lighting to the engines, you can make it look exactly like it did from the ANH movie when it was being chased by the ISD ship -  This model weighs 18lbs and requires a larger protective box, and the model comes unpainted, and unassembled - 

This model will require advanced modeling skills and for those who love a challenge, this model is for you.  This model is $1550.00 priced, but the first ten sets will be sold at an introductory price of $999.00  US dollars -   

Postage for USA delivery is $50.  And International is $110  (due to the weight and box size needed for safe travels) -  only 20 kits are being made available

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