Graflex 2.5 installed saber (ANH, ESB, TFA or TLJ versions included)

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Graflex 2.5 fully installed with Tri Cree - Blue, Blue, White with flash on clash, Nbv4 sound board. - The saber will arrive with all the parts and grips needed so you can attach the ones you want in order to make your favorite version from ANH, ESB, TFA or TLJ - even though the photo and video show the ESB version, the final version you will receive the grips will not be attached, but you will get both clamp strips, D-ring holders, and all correct buttons.  Will come with blade and charger included.

In stock and ready to send, no waiting for it to be built 

When you open for first time, loosen clamp lever and unscrew back end.  Decide which of the grip set you want to peel and stick, the grips with the bolt-screw go onto the back end, side with six holes and the other grips on on the end with 7 holes, be sure to put correct grips on correct side, the back end is reversible.

While the back end is off, see video below to remove the kill key to make saber wake up.  This hole is also the recharge port, and you do not need to keep the kill key plugged into the recharge port, we do this mostly to keep your saber from turning on while its enroute to you. Also you can keep the kill key in for long periods of non use or storage.

When saber has fully dead battery, charge for 3-4 hours or until red light on charger turns green.










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