Empty Crossguard V3 Installable Saber (in stock)

Weathered: No Weathering
Sale price$399.00


Dec.8 update, we have clean and the heat treated hilts/weathered hilts available on the holiday shipping deadline guarantee, if you select air brushed sides, we will not be able to guarantee the sending out by deadline due to artist availability. 

Korbanth Cross guard V3 - Empty installable saber hilt, that can take 3 N-pixel blades, with a chassis that will soon be available by Goth - this all metal hilt is exquisite in design, and has metal inner parts for lower and in central area. comes with red and blue wire, 3 blade plugs, and the side pieces left intentionally silver.  The photos shown are of actual item as an unpainted/un-weathered product.  You can add optional weathering/painted side quillons for an extra cost to really make this product stand out. 

Note - The Cross guard V3 will arrive flat black with silver steel metal sides, if you select the weathering option, you can choose option A - EP7 (with air brushed sides, and light weathering)  or option B - EP8 which is heat treated sides, and a more clean look) - as you see in the photos.

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