Darklord ANH Chestbox with leather straps (Portumac)

Sale price$299.00


Products made by Portumac Studios - possibly the best dark lord costuming gear you can get today for your 501st costuming needs.  Metal side rods and nice thick leather straps if you need to use them. 

This box can be used for your Kenobi vader costume as well, we can point you in the direction of where to get the lights that would go inside.

ANH Movie accurate ANH darklord chestbox with leather straps and metal side rods.  This 501st accurate costume piece has no lights or electronic features as it stays accurate to the correct look in the film - perfect size and is 501st quality and meets the standards.    

We will be carrying soon a lit version of this box to match a certain TV version so you can follow your dark lord costuming dreams

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