Empty Desert Wanderer Installable Hilt

Sale price$289.00


Dec 8th update - we have in stock 35 clean non weathered Desert Wanderers in hand that can send right away, if you select weathered version, we can possibly get it out in time for the holiday  but know that it is not shipping deadline guaranteed, but will try hard to do so

The ultimate in OWK saber hilt, that resembles a certain hidden hermit from a recent TV show - taking qualities from his ROTS hilt and the ANH hilt - this is not just a OWK4 or OBI3 re-make, it is a completely new saber - and this is the most accurate one you can get, it has great weight to it, and comes with both a display emitter and the blade holding emitter for AWESOME stability - and comes with a solid and vented pommel cap - so this is perfect for displaying, wearing on your belt, or doing your own proffie, verso, CFX or GH installed saber.  Goth3d chassis's are already ready to go, 

You can purchase 1 of 2 ways - Clean so you can do your own weathering, or already weathered, to look exactly like it was seen.

This hilt takes a removable CORE chassis, that allows for removable battery, crystal reveal chassis, and the new GOTH3d master elite metal chassis.  We dont sell the chassis by itself, but you can purchase any of the 3 chassis's at www.thesaberarmory.com - 

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