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All the Crossguard 2.0 sabers are now coming standard as slightly weathered with side tips painted - and in stock.

Special features include – the ability to hold 3 blades, one main and two short blades – Main blade can accept a 1 inch and side blades will be 3/4 inch – Also, a magnetic reveal side piece can be removed allowing you to mount electronics, sound boards, blades – The side blades will be included are 3/4 inch and 4 inchs long. A familiar looking gash going up on side with a makeshift wire gives it incredible accuracy. You want this for your collection…lots of detail. Option will be provided later for a chemical darkening to be added to give it a darker look if you want.

Comes with internal lightup crystal chassis – this can be removed or left into saber – with 1 touch of your finger, the crystal chamber lights up with blinking lights and the crystal glows…you can tap crystal to change color from red, to blue to green to off. Perfect for the saber enthusiast who plans to display on a stand and would like a show piece to show how the “REVEAL” part lights up. SABER also comes with 2 side blades, but main 1 inch blade is sold separately.

Saber will be arrive in black, weathered with side tips is an additional cost.


Crossguard 2.0

Body Length – 11.5” (Rounded up to nearest .25”).

Blade Chamber I.D. – 1.0.”

Guard Chamber I.D. – .75.”

Electronics Chamber I.D. – 1.0.”

Momentary Switches – (Qty 1 / Located on activation panel).

Reveal Feature – Yes / Magnetic Mid Grip.

Materials Used – Aluminum, Brass, Stainless & Mild Steel, Zinc, Polycarbonate, ABS.

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