Empty Depa V1.2 Council saber - installable with N-Pixel

Sale price$235.00


 Dec.8th update - these are in stock in both empty and installed RTS

The New Depa saber - incredible sleek design for the female council member, empty and installable with N-Pixel technology, Proffie, CFX or Verso/GH boards - perfect for displaying as well

 Whats the difference between Depa V1/V1.2 and the Depa89?   each is made by a different saber maker, they are about 99% the same with small variations on look and take different internal chassis's - they are both very nice looking, choose which you like best.  One is a more darker gunmetal, and the other has a slight battleship-blue-grey to it.

Free USA postage / $55.00 DHL postage for International

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