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Double sided Saber hilt – model DM1 (2017 version) – This cool double ended saber comes apart in the middle and both sides can be installed with electronics, sound boards and a 7/8 inch removable light up blade. You get pommel caps so you can make 2 individual sabers (both self contained) or 1 double ended saber hilt.

Note - this saber will arrive clean and unweathered and lines unpainted with a standard coupler to hold the two halves together. You can purchase the $15 optional lines painted in, as you see in the photo showing the finished results

No electronics, or sound boards and removable plastic tube-blades are included, but these sabers are fully installable - the photo showing it lit, is for example


Double Body Length – 20.5” (rounded Up To Nearest .25”).

Blade Chamber I.D. – .88.”

Electronics Chamber I.D. – .88.”

Working Momentary Switches – (Qty 8 / Located under each silver & red button).

Reveal Feature – No.

Single to Double Conversion – Yes / 2 Pommel end-caps included.

Materials Used – Aluminum, Brass, Stainless & Mild Steel, Zinc, Polycarbonate, ABS.Doubled sided DM1 Saber hilt – use as double sided or break apart for two self contained sabers with pommel caps. 2017 version now will come with 8 working buttons

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