Empty Fallen Mistress Curved Hilt saber - Single hilt

Sale price$319.00


This is for the Curved Fallen Mistress - 1 Empty hilt - can take a 7/8 inch blade, proffie, CFX, and GH, Verso boards - this is a self contained hilt that when combined with a second one you get a coupler that connects them like a S-curved Staff saber-   When you purchase just one side, you do not get the coupler, but if you buy two, you will -  You can also check out our staff sku, which is 2 of this with an included coupler for a little less in cost.

This is a preorder - arriving in December  

Note - photos below will show 2 hilts, but you are purchasing only 1 unless you select QTY 2 when you buy - photos are to show how the staff would look together.  This is a JSJ -James Wareham designed hilt, and prototype shown, and our final production will look even better than what you see - 

Installed versions will be added soon to the N-Pixel menu once we have a working one to show

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