Empty hilt - Ben The Angry Nephew saber

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Ben The Angry Nephew saber hilt

Before there was the villain who wore the mask, there was a black haired Nephew who would later claim he was led down the wrong path by his uncle, and when the time came to turn against him, he had only the first saber he had built, which later became his blade destroyer hilt, by putting in the dark red crystal that was so powerful it blew out the sides requiring the nephew to contain its dark evil energy with side vents, making his eventual 3 bladed hilt that consumed his passion for power.  3- bladed black sabers come from humble silver saber beginnings.  The Fall from grace.

Saber hilt comes natural silver like surface, with a $50 upgrade option if you want weathering for the worn look - contact after sale if you want to get it weathered before product sends out

this saber comes empty with no electronics, perfect for displaying or you can get a chassis file allowing you to install it yourself or purchase it already installed in our installed hilt section.   This is a very limited one time run, only 25 available and very hard to get, 


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