Empty Jade saber hilt

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The new "Jade" saber, From Legends - Now in stock sends immediately

This empty hilt will take a 1 inch blade, accepts N-Pixel installed proffie, cfx, verso and other sound boards.  If your not familiar with this hilt, it was first introduced by early Timothy Zahn books "Heir to the Empire" -  Character Mara Jade, the Emperor's hand - with  a purple bladed saber hilt sworn to hunt down Luke but ended up marrying him in some of the books now called "Legends" - 

This design is based more on the original designers version that had red button.  Red Button comes loosely in package so you could paint it black if your trying to get the "MR" version, but I like the red button as it was originally intended that way. 

Free USA postage / $55.00 DHL postage for International.

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