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Empty MPP2.5 Saber

SKU: mpp2.5e

June 1, 2019 update - More of this product will be in stock Late June/July 2019

New saber hilt - MPP 2.5 empty saber -  now in stock - this is now replacing the Soon to be discontinued MPP 2.0 saber that has been available for 3 years.  The empty hilt can be installed with ALL electronics on the markets - Nbv4, Prizm, CF, Proffie, Neo Pixel, Tricree, and listed below are the features of the product and how it differs from the previous 2.0 version


MPP 2.5 now has

3 sets of grips, - ANH, ESB, R1

2 control box clamp types (one with lever and one without)

white, red, blue "wires" for the side for ESB accuracy

No sound holes in Pommel for better accuracy

2 working buttons (perfect for Neo and Prism)

The attached Micro Precision Products label for true camera flashgun accuracy

and best of all easier and more roomier for installs, and just feels better in the hands.

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