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The new SID 2.0 saber handle – sleek design – can hold electronics, sound board and removable light up blade. just added in a limited quantity available for separate purchase.

The SID 2.0 and 10% larger than SID 1.0 (sold in 2014) and has better on/off buttons and the emitter is improved. Simply put, this is Sid saber with some improvements.


SID 2.0

Body Length – 8.25” (Rounded Up To Nearest .25” / Increased 10% in size for functionality).

Blade Chamber I.D. – .88.”

Electronics Chamber I.D. – .88.”

Momentary Switches – (Qty 2 / Located in Faux LED Bezels).

Reveal Feature – No.

Materials Used – Aluminum, Brass, Stainless & Mild Steel, Zinc, Polycarbonate, ABS..

gold pommel held in by 6/32 thread screw - can use 3/8 or 1/2 in length

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