Fallen Mistress curved Single Saber Installed N-Pixel Saber

Sale price$695.00


Update - Nov 13 - preorder hilts will be arriving late November, and installed versions will begin to send in December 2022

This sku is for 1 saber side, not the double sided staff saber shown in the photos for reference.

The curved installed saber Hilt - The Fallen Mistress - the ultimate A-Vent saber - if you purchase 2, it connects and comes apart in the middle for two stand alone curved saber hilts. included is a 7/8 inch N-Pixel blade, and comes with an installed Proffie V2.2 board  and comes installed with 20-25 fonts including some unique character fonts exclusively made by Jesse of Kyberfonics -   This is a preorder - these products releases in October, and installed versions will send in Nov/Dec.   Limited run of these installed saber hilts

Note - the coupler that is shown is not included in the single saber purchase, is is shown to illustrate what two of these curved sabers look like if connected together.  If you purchase QTY 2 of these sabers, a coupler is included, or just purchase the Staff sku instead to get the full staff.

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