Installed Graflex Supreme with Proffie/N-Pixel saber hilt -

Sale price$699.00


UPDATE - Nov 24th -  17 units on shelf RTS

This highly sought after saber has over 18-20 sound fonts and music. Please watch our video below to see some of the operations and functions of this wonderfully magnificent saber


For those who are not familiar - here are the differences between N-Pixel and TriCree technology-

Tri cree with Nbv4 sound boards - the electronics are more inside the hilt, and the Super Bright LEDs shine into a hollow diffused tube, when activated, the light fills up the tube instantly and is very bright, as the Super bright Tri-cree lights illuminate the tube.

N-Pixel with Proffie Sound boards - the electronics are inside the blade, and the LEDs inside blade will light up quickly from bottom of blade to top of blade and will do the reverse when turned off, super bright, but not as sturdy if you want to duel with the saber, N-Pixel is more for incredible showing off. Also with Proffie, you have a feature called Smooth-Swing, and over 12 colors you can change blade to, blue, red, green, orange, yellow, rainbow, and some with special effects, as well as phrases and music to accompany the saber as its on. Watch the video listed below to see how it works.


  • N-pixel Electronics

  • 18650 Battery

  • Recharge Port & Charger

  • Proffie sound board.

  • Custom smoothwing fonts

  • Not included - blade plug shown in the photo




  • Weight: 3 lbs
  • Length: 11 inches plus 34 inch blade 
  • Girth: 2 inches

Free USA postage for sabers not containing the long blade / $25 for installed product (with a blade) due to recent postal increases on long box sizes.

$55.00 international postage on orders with no blade / $80.00 (with the blade)  due to recent postal price increases.

Restock Fees - ranging from 5% to 10% of the total cost when you cancel an order or you need to send a product back for a refund, depending on your method of payment. 

Please read the details when checking out carefully, and before you can confirm your purchase, it will require you to check a box to acknowledge that you understand cancellation/restock fees. Korbanth LLC, incurs non-reversible fees for being able to take your order so if you change your mind and need to cancel the transaction, Korbanth Sabers does not get these fees back.

Please make sure you want the product before committing to the purchase.




Click this YouTube Link to see video example.




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