Installed GL9v2 saber hilt - Proffie v2.2

Sale price$649.00


UPDATE - Nov 24th

IN STOCK ON SHELF - immediate sending - installed versions - Proffie V2.2 with smoothwing, 10-15 fonts, 

The GL9 saber released in 2020 - was one of the coolest Royalty hilts, and now with some improvements - we have the release of GL9 version2 - GL9v2 - This hilt is reserved for Princesses and Generals.  Now you can join the club.

Internal changes - comes apart in 6 areas for making installs easier, and now with mother of pearl inlays, and button makes this a must have. comes to you ready to operate, no wait...

Free USA postage for sabers not containing the long blade / $25 for installed product (with a blade) due to recent postal increases on long box sizes.

$55.00 international postage on orders with no blade / $80.00 (with the blade)  due to recent postal price increases.

Restock Fees - ranging from 3.5% to 10% of the total cost when you cancel an order or you need to send a product back for a refund.  Please read the details when checking out carefully, and before you can confirm your purchase, it will require you to check a box to acknowledge that you understand cancellation/restock fees. Korbanth LLC, incurs non-reversible fees for being able to take your order so if you change your mind and need to cancel the transaction, Korbanth Sabers does not get these fees back. Please make sure you want the product before committing to the purchase.

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