Installed MasterQG saber hilt - Proffie

Sale price$639.00


UPDATE - Nov 24th - 20 installed sets on shelf for immediate sending

Installed N-Pixel MasterQG which is a revised Quigold from 2020 without the gold shroud.  Only changes made was internally for easier installs, but since this is already installed for you, the only thing you need to worry about it, how do I get one and how fast can I turn it on and start waving around around saying "republic credits will do" 

Saber is installed with proffie, 20-25 fonts, smoothswing, music files


Restock Fees - 8%-10% of the total cost when you cancel an order or you need to send a product back for a refund, depending on your method of payment. 

Please read the details when checking out carefully, and before you can confirm your purchase, it will require you to check a box to acknowledge that you understand cancellation/restock fees. Korbanth LLC, incurs non-reversible fees for being able to take your order so if you change your mind and need to cancel the transaction, Korbanth Sabers does not get these fees back.

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