Installed SkinnyFlex saber hilt - N-Pixel Proffie

Sale price$749.00


Dec.8 update - we got in more product, so we can open up preorders on installed skinnyflex product - 

89sabers skinnyflex installer N-Pixel with Proffie board, over 20+ font install

These sabers will come with a 34 inch length 7/8 diameter blade

Skinny Flex VS. ROTS-FLEXv2 - what's the difference between the two?  each is made by a different saber artist, and both look the same on the outside. Most of the differences are with how it turns on -  Skinny flex is a 1 button saber, just behind the bunny ears, and ROTS-FLEX v2 is a 2 button saber located in the control box - those are the differences.

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