Empty K4v2 saber hilt - (New Korbanth Product) in stock



The new K4v2 saber unit is now in stock and vastly improved over the previous K4 saber hilt.  New features include, chromed emitter, better working side buttons, larger interior, more room for larger speakers and installs of electronics.  The previously discontinued K4 is now replaced by the far superior K4v2 saber hilt and in stock.   NOW offering Neo Pixel installed versions -  if you want yours fully installed with a 1 inch Neo pixel blade, go to our installed saber section.

We are offering this saber chemically weathered and sealed to make this is accurate as possible to the original props finish. 

What are the differences between the older K4 saber and the new K4v2?   The K4v2 is created by a new saber designer, has chromed emitter, easier to attached screw on side on/off buttons, more accurate grenade section, more accurate clamp, accurate pommel (no vent-holes) and more room inside for easier installs and larger speakers.  VAST improvement over the Now-Discontinued K4 saber.

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