Empty K4v2 (2022) EP4 saber hilt - NOW IN STOCK

Sale price$249.00


UPDATE Sept30 - in stock, and this new K4v2 (2022 version) will use the owk4 chassis found on www.thesaberarmory.com

Note - we have in stock 6 weathered hilts of this model as of Dec.8 - its an optional $50 more - so request it once you make the purchase.

by 89sabers, we got in more EP4 ANH K4v2 empty saber hilts - currently these are clean AFBB

(As first Built by) - they take a 1" N-Pixel blade, have 2 working buttons, and have been considered one of the best EP4 old man ben saber hilts.

If you'd like to upgrade to a weathered one, we can provide for a $50 optional cost, just reach out and we'll make it happen

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