Dreadnought 34" Long Spaeship Model Kit

SKU: dreadnaught

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34 inch long Dreadnought Destroyer ship - Resin casted model of the highest quality - only limited run of 10 units being made for this run. Over 40 parts make up this giant model, comes with the two lower cannons. An incredible model for the person who loves models.

Patterns created by the famous model maker ALFRED WONG - who has created dozens and dozens of original models.

Please allow 4 weeks build time. We don't rush our products, because we want you to have the most incredible product to build, paint and add your own fiber optic lights to.

For International addresses (The model weighs 13lbs) - but please ask me before purchasing if you are outside of the USA, because a small handful of countries limit the size of box that we are allowed to send through our US post office, and we'd have to find alternate means of getting this model to you. 


Example - The country of Australia, we can only send a 16x16x15 inch box and this model requires a 20x20x18 sized box, so we'd have to find a different alternative, so please contact us at korbanth47@gmail.com before making purchase to verify we can easily send to your country outside of the USA



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