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MPP 2.5 installed Saber Neo-Pixel


With Blade:

UPDATE - June 18 - We are waiting for more MPP 2.5 empty sabers to arrive from our supplier, which should be in next 7-9 days, and then please allow 4 weeks build time on installed versions for this product.


The new MPP 2.5 saber hilt - installed with Neo Pixel and Proffie sound boards - 

Whats new on the MPP 2.5 - 

two working buttons

larger internal install space

no vent holes in pommel

3 sets of grips - ANH, ESB or R1

two sets of control box parts

Wires for ESB style configuration

Install details - comes with the 18650 rechargable battery, sound fonts, music - smooth-swing sounds, and incredible amount packed into

one cool Dark Lord hilt

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