Proffie Soundboard v2.2 With 16GB SD Card -


343 In Stock

UPDATE -1-19-21-  Proffies v2.2 cards are back in stock - Free USA shipping on all orders - 

The Proffie V2.2, unlock all of that smooth swing goodness and so much more - For those who do not know what this is, this is the new and latest sound board that saber enthusiasts are putting into their empty saber hilts to bring their saber product to life. Working with Neo pixel, Tricree LED electronics, proffie has changed the way saber fans enjoy their hobby.  These boards are tested, and ready for those who have electronic saber installing skills.  These come with 16gb SD cards that will hold nearly unlimited fonts and music files -

Free postage for USA orders.

$15 for International.


Empty Sabers:

Empty sabers will ship as soon as they come into stock, they will be shipped based on date ordered.

If the sabers need to be painted or weathered there will be a slight delay as that gets done.

Installed Sabers:

Please allow 8-12 weeks for all installed sabers from the time we get them in stock, we will endeavor to get them out as fast as we can but if 2020 showed us anything its that expect the unexpected.

If you purchase a empty saber then the neo upgrade it will still be held to the same 8-12 weeks as it still goes on order date.


If the model you are after is out of stock please contact

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