ReyFlex Installed Neo pixel Verso saber hilt with blade


Installed Saber

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UPDATE - March 15 - 1 of these saber hilts are on the shelf.

Many will ask what is the difference between a Proffie sound board and a Verso sound board.  Proffie boards are much harder to program for adding fonts, Verso is very easy.  Proffie Boards allow dozens of fonts, Verso just allows 1 font to be loaded and used at a time, but you can have as many as you want copied to your SD card.  Proffie boards have Smooth Swing and neo pixel, and so does Verso.  Proffie Boards can play Music tracks, but Verso can not at this moment but is planned in future updates....Verso installed sabers are more budget minded pricing to help more afford an entry level saber.   In the End, a Verso installed saber is for those saber buyers who do not care much for all the bells and whistles of a Proffie board, and just want their saber to light up, have cool sounds, bright neo pixel, and have the ability to change to the blade colors with the press of a button.  Example, I just want my Graflex to light up blue, sound cool, swing it around, no desire to play music, and easy to add more fonts if I want to later, then Verso is for you.  

This is the ReyFlex EP9 hilt,  This item your about to purchase is a neo pixel installed saber with blade/charger and Verso sound board with smoothswing.  Has multiple fonts (only can have 1 working at a time) and with the press of the main button can cycle through nearly a dozen blade colors, and has awesome sound for a more simple saber for a more simple price tag

Empty Sabers:

Empty sabers will ship as soon as they come into stock, they will be shipped based on date ordered.

If the sabers need to be painted or weathered there will be a slight delay as that gets done.

Installed Sabers:

Please allow 8-12 weeks for all installed sabers from the time we get them in stock, we will endeavor to get them out as fast as we can but if 2020 showed us anything its that expect the unexpected.

If you purchase a empty saber then the neo upgrade it will still be held to the same 8-12 weeks as it still goes on order date.


If the model you are after is out of stock please contact

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