Fallen Mistress Double Sided Staff Installed N-Pixel Saber

Sale price$1,325.00


Update - Nov 13 - these will arrive in late Nov time frame - please allow 4-6 weeks for installation process - you can place your preorder now

The S-curved Double sided Installed saber staff - The Fallen Mistress - the ultimate A-Vent saber - comes apart in the middle for two stand alone curved saber hilts. included are  7/8 inch N-Pixel blades x2, but you can remove them from the order if you already have blades. Comes with an installed Proffie V2.2 board in each side, and comes installed with 20-25 fonts including some unique character fonts exclusively made by Jesse of Kyberfonics -   This is a preorder - these products releases in October, and installed versions will send in Nov/Dec.   Limited run of these installed saber hilts

Video below is only showing 1 side of the Staff lit up, as it is our prototype.





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