Empty MW3 BMF edition

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 Update - Dec.8 - these can be purchased, but are back ordered a few weeks until our vendor can supply us with more, so if you purchase, we can get it sent out in 2-3 weeks from now.


Our new MW3 saber "BMF" edition - Empty saber hilt, with install capabilities accepting Proffie, CFX, GH, and Verso with a goth3d Created ECO, ECO-CC and in the near future a GOTH3d metal master ELITE chassis - easy "slide in and out" chassis with removable, rechargable battery - fully installable by yourself, or just display on your shelf

you get two sets of rubber grips, one standard heights and one set that is lower profile for easier handling

each hilt will come with standard gold half moon piece, and same piece with the letters BMF inscribed into it.  For those who do not know why the BMF, when the actor who played the character completed filming back in 2004, the film crew presented the actor with this hilt but etched/engraved the initials BMF into it, and he possesses the real screen used hilt to this day, so now take home a little BMF.

This is a limited release (dont let this sell out on you, grab one) and please allow a minimum of  2-3 weeks for this empty order to be boxed and sent out, they will arrive in only a few weeks to use from our vendor (ELF Sabers) once you place your order.

if you want to see an honest review of the product, click the video below to make sure this product is worthy of your collection or if you need to wait for THE REN saber to come back into stock and purchase that one.  <insert laugh emoji here, as only some of you will get that joke>

Please understand that due to the Fees that we are charged by the financial institutions when you place your order, that those fees are non refundable to us. If you cancel or return the product, there is up a 10% cancellation/restock fee, so please be 100% sure you want this item, before making the commitment, but we know this will be a prize that you treasure.

Postage is Free to USA customers and $55 for our outside of USA customers due to increasing postage fees. 

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