Installed Proffie MW3 BMF edition

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Nov.13 - we finishing up the first WAVE of installed sabers over the next two weeks, and will send out.  We have added more installed hilts that can be purchased, but due to existing orders from other saber customers, please allow 4-6 weeks build time, so late Dec/Jan - Wave 2 installed product will send out.  

Our new MW3 saber "BMF" edition - installed with a Proffie V2.2 board, and OS 6.7 

N-Pixel installed light up hilt.  Blade is included by default, but you can remove blade from order if you have your own 7/8 inch N-Pixel blade and want to reduce the price a little by not including a blade.

You get two sets of rubber grips, one standard height and one set that is lower profile for easier handling

each hilt will come with standard gold half moon piece, and same piece with the letters BMF inscribed into it.  For those who do not know why the BMF, when the actor who played the character completed filming back in 2004, the film crew presented the actor with this hilt but etched/engraved the initials BMF into it, and he possesses the real screen used hilt to this day, so now take home a little BMF 

You get over 20-25 fonts preloaded on this MW3 saber, courtesy of Jesse of Kyberfonics, including of course 1 purple font of the BMF himself - this product is our newest 2022 version and unlike any and all previous versions, the chassis can slip out the back end and be removed and the re-chargable battery be removed too. You get included also a charger so you can charge up and use for weeks to months before charging it again.  The Multiple fonts allow for purple, red, green, blue, yellow, and 6-7 other special effect color light up blades using the spectacular N-Pixel technology.  You get music tracks on nearly every font, with smooth swing, flash on clash, and other cool features.

This is a limited release and please allow 6-8 weeks for installed sets to send out as we will be having the goth3d eco removable chassis created for it, with a later option to upgrade to a crystal chassis reveal ECO.   

Later on in 3 months, Goth3d will be offering a very limited Master ELITE ALL metal crystal chassis with spinning motors, light up led accents to turn your prize into an incredible "best you can get, MW3", and your ECO and ECO-CC chassis will be able to be traded back in for credit towards the master ELITE chassis's when the opportunity is presented. 

if you want to see an honest review of the product, click the video below to make sure this product is worthy of your collection or if you need to wait for THE REN saber to come back into stock and purchase that one.

Please understand that due to the Fees that we are charged by the financial institutions when you place your order, that those fees are non refundable to us. If you cancel or return the product, there is up a 10% cancellation/restock fee, so please be 100% sure you want this item, before making the commitment, but we know this will be a prize that you treasure.

Postage is $25 for USA / $80 for international due to recent increased postage rates.  Product has a full 90 day warranty, and 7 day warranty on included N-Pixel blades. 


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